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Welcome to the new Revolution Podcast, where we combine real talk with real action. Join host Kate Moran (she/her) as she chats with her favorite women and non-binary comedian friends. Along with providing space for hilarious and insightful conversations, each episode highlights a special cause, organization, or resource for you to take action and join the fight!

Based off of the NYC popular monthly stand-up comedy show and live show recordings, The Revolution, which showcased the hottest women and NB comics at QED Astoria for over 3 years. The Revolution began and continues to be a platform to prove there’s a world of talent out there that breaks the norm and defies expectations.

Comedy is better LIVE

And so we’re suspending releasing show recordings for the foreseeable future, but for now, join us LIVE in Astoria, Queens every 2nd Saturday for the actual show itself at QED Astoria, and see the hottest comedy show in NYC in real time!


White Trash, Colonial Man Face, and BDSM Julie Andrews! Our August 2019 Show

Carolyn Bergier, Lorena Russi, Lauren Clark, Jes Tom, Steph Shober, Lizzy Furey, and host Emily Duncan


CLICK HERE to listen! You can also catch us on iTunesSpotifyStitcher, and more! 

This month, the Revolution is back with FIRE comedians:

Lizzy Furey @thedirtbird

Lauren Clark @ClarkaLark

Jes Tom (audio not released) @jestom

Carolyn Bergier (audio not released) @TGICarolyn

Chloe McGovern @chloemcgovrrn

Lorena Russi @colonialmanface

Hosted by Emily Duncan @emduncaroo

Anthrax, Titters, and Steve Harvey! Our June 2019 Pride Show!

From left to right: host Kate Moran, Melody Kamali, Shannon Constantine, Ali Clayton. Not pictured: Molly Brown, Amanda Hunt, Melissa Diaz, Wanjiko Eke.

CLICK HERE to listen! You can also catch us on iTunesSpotifyStitcher, and more! 

This month, we celebrate Pride with an amazing line-up including:

Molly Brown @MollyElizBrown 

Amanda Hunt @AmandaHuntnKiss 

Shannon Constantine @constantlyshan 

Melody Kamali @MelodyKamali

Wanjiko Eke @WanjikoIAm

and Ali Clayton! @ACountryClayton

Hosted by Kate Moran @kickasskmo

(Not released but also a hilarious comedian you should check out: Melissa Diaz @meldiazcomedy!)